Monday, August 18, 2014

Cold-hemisphere paludarium finished

Here is the growing process of my cold-hemisphere paludarium, from beginning till end:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vanilla cuttings/ vines/ plants/ orchids for sale!

We have vanilla cuttings for sale!
The cost of vanilla plants will be USD 10.00 CIF price ( 8.50 +1.50 ) for a minimum of 1000 vanilla vines packed in 40x13 x18 inch cartons with each carton around 100 plants- 10 master cartons.

The weight of the cargo will be for 1000 plants around 350 kgs.

Each plant is 1m in length and will flower in after 2 year period.

1 ha(10000 sq m ) = 4000 -5000 vines based on 2x1 m spacing..if more trees the spacing will change…

Import permit will be required.

Only Phyto will be provided along with cargo

Booking time- minimum of 4 weeks after confirmed PO and payment receipt.

Viable cacao beans for sale!!!

We have viable cacao bean starterskit for sale, 150-200 cacao seeds, tested on germination, prepared to germinate for 400 EUR.

Normal minimum order per 50.000 cacao seeds for 6000 EUR inclusive shipping and paperwork.

Ship worldwide, however certain countries will need import permit, which buyer has to arrange themselves.

When interested, contact us on: